Mae Apple Pie


6 large apples peel, cored and sliced

1 cup of sugar

2 tablespoon of floor

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

teaspoon of allspice

1 stick of butter (real butter is the best)


2 frozen deep-dish piecrust


In a small bowl mix the sugar, floor and spices.


Pour flour mixture over the apples slices and stir to coat the apples.


Layer the apples slices in un-baked piecrust and pour any remaining flour mixture over the top of the apples


Slice the butter in thin strips and lay over the top of the apples.


Carefully place a deep-dish piecrust on top of apples and close out edges to seal in the juices.


Put five one-inch cuts in the top piecrust.


Place the pie in a baking pan (to prevent the pie from dripping into the oven) then place in a pre heated oven (350 degree) until done (40-50 minutes until crust is golden brown)