Mae's Chicken and Dumplings


4 chicken breast halves cooked (boil in a 6 quart pot until done). Then cut chicken into bite size pieces and put back in chicken broth.



Add a stick of butter

Add 2 cans of cream of chicken soap (w/o MSG)

Add salt and pepper to taste.


Keep pot on low heat and add dumplings and simmer until dumplings are done.



3 cups of self-raising flour

cup of oil (Crisco)



Mix flour and oil in a large bowl and add milk sparely; the dough should be stiff when done. Break dough into four equal balls.


Spread cup of flour on sheet of wax paper; put one ball on the wax paper and knead dough until it is not tacky. Using a rolling pen. roll into a inch sheet. Cut dough with a knife into 1 inch squares and drop into the pot. Repeat for remaining balls of dough.