Ms. Massey’s Twinkie Cake


1 box yellow cake mix

5 tbsp of flour

1 cup milk

1 cup sugar

˝ tsp salt

˝ cup vegetable shortening (Crisco)

˝ cup butter

1 tbsp vanilla


Prepare cake mix according to the directions on the box. Bake in 9” x 13” pan and after cooking set aside and cool. Remove cake from the pan and slice in half-length wise (separate the top and bottom)


In a saucepan boil flour and milk together until thick, stirring constantly. Let cool.


In a bowl combine sugar, salt, shortening, butter and vanilla. Beat with an electric mixer until fluffy.  Now add the milk and flour mixture and beat until real nice (fluffy and smooth).


Then spread filling mixture on the bottom half of the cake and then replace the top. Cover with wax-paper/foil or plastic and place in the refrigerator overnight before cutting into small squares.