Reggie J. Mitchem

5221 Windham Way

Rocklin, CA 95765-5311

Phone: 916- 295-3044





Experienced engineer with strong software, hardware and networking background with a proven record for resolving test issues in high volume manufacturing and a variety of customer support issues. In-depth knowledge of computer architecture and software, with extensive experience in MSDOS, Windows, NT, CE, XP and networking. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


         Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure, prioritize events to maintain an even workflow, and coordinate multiple projects with various vendors, including Microsoft and Citrix.

         Developed effective, positive support skills including product specification and development, software architecture, design documentation, sales support, and customer interaction/support for customers in both the consumer and commercial sectors.

         Proficient at integrating software and hardware for desktops, laptops and servers.

         Developed custom diagnostic software and hardware to enhance product reliability.

         Completed ISO 9000 training and developed corporate ISO procedures.

         Network supervisor for 3.11 and 3.12 Novell networks used in manufacturing personal computers.

         Familiar with many bus technologies, network topologies and protocols, including RDP and ICA.

         Adjunct instructor for Lake Michigan Community College, teaching software and hardware related classes.

         Taught digital trouble-shooting techniques on airborne missile and navigation systems for the USAF.





PC compatible desktops and laptops, multi-processor servers, EISA, ISA, PCI, PCMCIA and USB bus architecture; Intel microprocessor and microcontroller families; GenRad in-circuit and functional testers; Fairchild manufacturer defects analyzer; Fluke 9100A functional tester.


MSDOS, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Millennium, XP, CE 2.11, CE 3.0, Embedded NT, Novell, ThinClient, Microsoft Office products.


C/C++, Assembler for Intel Pentium and 80x86 family, Intel 8031/51 microcomputer family, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, Visual BASIC, Java, HTML, and batch programming.




Independent Contractor, TUT Systems, Pleasanton CA

Engineer IV (March 2002 to January 2003)



NEC Computers, Sacramento, CA.

Engineer IV (December 1999 to February 2002)

         Supported NEC sales and service engineers and resolved critical issues and problems in a timely fashion.

         Mentored tier 2 and 3 customer support engineers/technicians for the NEC regional call center.

         Worked on a team to set up manufacturing facilities in Alabama (SCI Systems) and South Carolina (Solectron).

         Worked with corporate customers in resolving technical problems (hardware or software).

         Performed root cause analysis of field failures to the component level, and worked with vendors to identify corrective actions and created Engineering Change Notices to implement corrective action.

         Provided engineering support for laptops, desktops and CE devices connecting to Microsoft Terminal Services.



Packard Bell/NEC, Sacramento, CA.

Manager, Failure Analysis (August 1996 to December 1999)

         Managed a team of engineers responsible for analyzing manufacturing issues and providing real-time response.

         Decreased manufacturing test time by optimizing test suites and increased yields from 89 % to 93 % by designing and refining test software and hardware.

         Worked in a team environment to integrate new products into the manufacturing test environment.

         Provided technical support for hardware and software vendors in resolving manufacturing issues.

         Developed software to identify burn-in failure mechanisms and provide repair instructions, reducing the repair cycle time by 10 %.


Zenith Data Systems/Heathkit Company, St. Joseph, MI

Principal Engineer (June 1992 to July 1996), PC Production Line Support Engineer).

         Upgraded and maintained a Novell (2000 node) network system.

         Adapted manufacturing test process to new computer technologies and customer specifications.

         Wrote test software in C/C++ and assembly language to analyze system components.

         Analyzed manufacturing and field problems to component level.

         Worked with vendors to resolve manufacturing issues.

         Developed ISO 9000 procedures.

         Developed test plans for new products and acted as an advocate for continuous improvement.

         Identified and developed processes to streamline product test cycles.


Senior Engineer (July 1990 to June 1992, Test Software Engineer).

         Developed new test software and procedures for peripheral devices.

         Applied cost-effective test principles to product test cycle.

         Evaluated new automatic functional board test technology.

         Analyzed failures for improving the test process.

         Developed ROM and disk-based test code for motherboard repair in C and assembly language.



U.S. Air Force Instructor for SRAM/Cruse Missile Systems, Secret clearance.




         Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. Major in Computer Science.

         GenRad, Fairchild and Fluke training in functional test, in-circuit test, operations, and maintenance.

         U.S. Air Force. Electronics Principles, Missile System Analyst (3ABR31630T), Technical Instructor, Instructor Methodology, Academic Instructor Course PDS code AAA-Major Command course 001.



References available on request.