Cherryl and Jim

My husband, Jim Evans, and I live in the Chicago area with our two cats, Blackie and Skittle. I'm a dog person, and Jim's a cat person--guess who won? We have three children from his previous marriage, two children from my first marriage, and six grandchildren.

Susan lives in upstate New York with her husband Rob and daughter Lora; Richard lives in Boston with his children Henry and Imogen. Macon lives in the Washington, DC area with her daughter Claire. You can check Richard's web site out below. Macon writes for People magazine, so you just might see one of her articles in People. Susan is a writer and also teaches at Alford University.

Carolynn and her husband Eric live in Chicago with their son Miles Heinrich, who was born July 14, 2006, and their daughter Betty Mae, who was born Sept. 30, 2010 (see both Carolynn's and Eric's web sites below).

Tom and his wife Eleftheria live in Greece. Their first child, Nikephoros, was born in Greece on Dec. 17, 2004. Their daughter, Eirene was born April 14, 2008, and son Nektarios was born Oct. 27, 2010.. I've always wanted to travel around the world--now I just want to go to Greece to see the grandkids!

Jim worked for 20 years for the Gas Research Institute, as a senior research manager in the environmental department, in Chicago, IL. He's now semi-retired; he does some consulting work, and is a part-time employee of the EERC at the University of North Dakota. Our respective families have several web sites:

Carolynn and Eric Gockel, Cre8Media
Richard Morehouse, Morehouse Gallery
Leigh Evans, Yoga and Performance
Jennifer and Sean (Zyger Imports)

I worked as an industrial hygienist/safety officer for a number of years, primarily at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Looking back, I can't believe that for eight years I commuted almost four hours a day to and from work and thought it was normal! More recently, I have been working at the College of American Pathologists in Northfield.

I bike, work in my garden, love to read historical fiction, travel, take photographs, and sing-- not necessarily in this particular order of importance. More recently, I've been working out, and I've started doing triathalons. On August 29, I did my second Chicago Triathalon. I'm not fast (or good) in any of the categories--just steady and sure.

I'm a member of Melodeers Chorus, of Northbrook, IL. In 2008, the Melodeers won their 5th Sweet Adelines International championship gold medal in Hawaii! My husband Jim, brother Reggie, and sister-in-law Paula came for the last day of competition, then we spent a great week on the island of Oahu. You can check the Melodeers out at:

Now, guess who the webmaster is! Needless to say, I've had lots of help from Carolynn and my brother Reggie. I'm very grateful to both of them for their help.

My brother Reggie said we moved around a bit, and that's an understatement. In West Virginia, we lived in Carswell, Maitland, Bramwell, and English; then, in Virginia, we lived in Bishop, St. Paul, Honaker, Tazewell, and Hopewell. Jim and I have lived in Illinois for since 1982, but there were a lot of moves for both of us before we reached here. I finally put curtains on the windows (an inside, family joke), but it took me a long time to feel comfortable about being in one place. Jim and I have been fortunate to travel a lot, and that's helped tame my wonderlust. Now, I just want to go to Greece every chance I get! Of course, Greece has been around for a long, long time, so there will always be something new to see.

I'm also interested in our family history, both the Mitchem side of the family (Dad's family), and the Franklin side (Mom's family). This web page is one step toward understanding myself and my family, both near and far. My brother Reggie hopes it's an even bigger step toward my understanding web page programming. Thanks, Reggie!